Confluence recently updated macro not updating

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Although earlier C standar= ds did not address thread issues, the latest describes how the library shou= ld support threads.

In the case of dangerous optimizations such as these, t= he C standard notes: ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 22 N 4411p.

The rounded boxes represent states in the workflow.

They have well defined criteria (which sometimes cover multiple fields) such that each of these states can have a report.

27 of 1314 "C= ompiler transformations that introduce assignments to a potentially shared = memory location that would not be modified by the abstract machine are gene= rally precluded by this standard, since such an assignment might overwrite = another assignment by a different thread incases in which an abstr= act machine execution would not have encountered a data race.

This includes= implementations of data member assignment that overwrite adjacent members = in separate memory locations.

Search Knowledge Base articles: If you have a problem, please take a look at the prerequisites, diagnostic tools, limitations and known issues described above.We've worked hard to make the editing experience as natural and as seamless as possible. v=USLc3SYRT0Q We've also updated how the diagram appears in the wiki view. There are over 100 issues resolved in this release!No longer will you need to toggle between editing a diagram from the wiki view and updating the diagram layout from the edit view, everything happens in-line with the Confluence 4 editor. We've hidden our edit links until you're ready to interact with the diagram. After several months of top secret work, we're proud to announce the launch our new Confluence 4 compatible plugin!Gliffy is now as easy to use as the new Confluence 4 editor.

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