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With Zephyrhills® Brand Natural Spring Water, you know you’re always getting fresh-tasting local spring water.

We don’t have an expiration date on our bottles — just a "Best By" date.

To join the (almost) never-ending cycle, visit earth911 to see how and where to recycle in your community. The thing is, recycling plastic water bottles is simple, but it changes from place to place.

If your community collects recyclables, then (woo hoo!

See how we keep our water high-quality every step of the way in our Water Quality Report.

It’s not always exactly the same, since natural spring water changes depending on a handful of factors.

PET itself is an inert substance, meaning it does not react, dissolve or degrade when exposed to water or the environment.

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Zephyrhills® Brand products have the following “Best By” dates: It’s no big secret — handle them like any other food product.

In tests, water packaged in our polycarbonate bottles has been found to contain trace levels (less than 1 part per billion) of BPA. ) And when our 3-gallon and 5-gallon bottles are returned to us, we wash, sanitize and refill them more than 20 times.

And great news: we are working hard to transition our 3-gallon bottles to BPA-free water bottles in the future. At the end of all that, we recycle them one last time. We make our packaging as recycling friendly as possible.

Plus, sourcing from local springs means we employ local Floridians (which we think is pretty cool). Filtration is just one of the 10 steps we take during our water quality process.

And the other nine steps help provide the quality we’re proud of even before you start sipping. The FDA and other international health organizations and regulatory agencies have approved the kind of plastic we use as a safe food packaging material.

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