Xp sp2 validating identity

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The pre-configured client packages are deployed to end user PCs.

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Figure 2-3 Client Policy Window Note SSC releases 5.0 and later do not allow end users to enter license numbers using the SSC GUI.The syntax of the command-line version of the management utility (ssc Management Utility) is described below: ssc Management Utility [ Return codes sent to the standard error output (stderr) include: •0—Successful operation •1—Wrong arguments •2—Unknown configuration file version •3—Schema validation failed •4—Business rules validation failed •5—Referenced files cannot be found •-1—Unexpected error (see stderr for details) Note When extracting files from the SSCMgmt file, ensure that the original folder structure and file locations are maintained.The management utility uses support files located in data folders in the same folder as the utility.As the network administrator, you need the flexibility to configure and customize SSC for the enterprise deployment requirements.The SSC management utility is designed to support your configuration needs.

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