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I can usually stomach bad writing if the content is profound and there's something to learn in the message. I originally purchased this book to help with my research about what goes on in a woman's mind when she is embroiled in an affair with a MM.I really wanted to get a sense of empathy for these women and understand their plight - maybe they're afflicted with such incredibly low self-esteem that gaining the attention of a high-powered man is just too intoxicating to give up... In this book, there is no introduction, no segway into how what we are about to read is constructed.The book also accurately describes the stage where the other woman begins to get suspicious of what he is telling her and then how she disempowers herself more and more and changes into a person that is a less confident version of her former self.This is a must read for anyone considering an affair.I bought this book because I was seeing a young married man in the middle of a divorce so I thought I could possibly relate to some of the stories in the book. A lot of these women have more severe problems than I did, seeing men who had been in long-term marriages with children, etc.The way that the book is written is confusing & it seems completely disorganized.While this is not the best written book I've ever come across, I have to give it 5 stars because the author fully understands all the major and most of the minor, dynamics in an affair.The book is mainly addressed to the most common participant in an affair -- the unmarried woman.

I would like to qualify this statement by saying that few men set out to bed a woman and lie about never leaving their wife. We are drawn to a defenseless women like a magnet to steel, and the words and deception we use to bed you seem to well up in us from no where. Hi, I never write reviews for anything purchased on Amazon, but felt compelled to share my thoughts on J.The author comes across very shallow and narcissistic.I don't get a sense that she considers the feelings of the wives these MM are cheating on and the absolute chaos the illicit affair would cause his family. You will get better insight and more information on this topic by Googling about it and reading personal accounts from people online.It really explores how easy it is to become enslaved in an affair and not be able to see reality or pry yourself loose.It talks about the lies married men tell to themselves and to the other woman and why the other woman is so eager to believe what she wants to hear.

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