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We're all fans here at Dating Trail and it's really interesting to look at generational differences - we'd not heard of 'getting sloppy' before we talked to Ivy, which just goes to show how different words go in and out of fashion.

It's so interesting from a language point of view." "As well as the age differences, to me these results prove it's useful to know the local lingo throughout the UK and what not to say.

Coming in close second is "smooching," followed barely just by "making out," "necking," "pulling," "tonguing," "Frenching" and "hooking up." Young birds and blokes on a night out are way more likely to say words like pulling, making out and snogging, while older ladies and gents would call a kiss necking or smooching - so keep that in mind next time your Gran brings someone home!

Andrew Summersgill, director at Dating uk, comments: "We're so glad Ivy Bean was able to comment on this for us!

Date British is a dating site put together by an Anglo-US couple that got it together and noticed how many of their friends enjoyed flirting with each other. Here's a tip though, as Becca, co-founder of Date British puts it the appeal of Brit blokes is “the politeness, the tease, the air about it.

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