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Meg’s interest in history started in college when she lived in a cool old Victorian house.

As a lover of narratives and patterns, she connected the dots and realized that the historic buildings around Ann Arbor told stories about the beginnings of that city, reflected changing values and beliefs over time, and continued to inform and affect the present day culture and ethos of the community.

It was a model one and has every convenience for handling hogs.

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Cheryl dominated high school competition, shattering virtually every state scoring record, including highest average in a season (37.5 points a game).The evening train usually arrived after dark and it was decidedly disagreeable for those who got off there to stumble around int eh dark searching for an elusive sidewalk. The janitor had discovered his loss and had a new clapper in place ready for use Monday morning.October 22, 1903 – The farmers were cautioned against dropping onions, beets and potatoes on the streets from their loaded wagons as they obstructed traffic, scared horses and upset carriages. Fort Collins Fun Fact December 3, 1902 – The hog house was ready for occupancy.“I’d tell Cheryl to hide in the bushes, and then I’d go up to a couple of older kids and arrange a game. Then we’d get down, 5-0, double the bet, and then take care of business.I’d look at Cheryl, she’d look at me, we’d wink, and then …

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