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It covers Basic to Advanced troubleshooting and servicing strategies.You need no further PC Repair training after completing this course.One victim was bought a BMX push bike, while others received sweets and cigarettes.In mitigation, Michael Clare said Goodrum “has had this hanging over him for a long time.“He didn’t realise he had to come to court to be sentenced because he says he was told it was all finished.” But he said a great deal of care had been taken to ensure Goodrum understood what was happening, and the allegations he was facing.Sentencing Goodrum to six years in jail, of which he must serve three, Judge Holt said: “I have read the victim impact statements and they make extremely sad reading.Chapter 1 - Introduction• Common PC errors • Types of Personal computers• Identifying key parts of a Personal Computer • Basic Software components• Overview of PC Operations Chapter 2 - CPU CASE AND POWER SUPPLY• Types of PC case• Functions of a CPU Case• Front Panel connectors • Removing CPU Case• Cleaning the PC case• PC Cooling System• PC Cooling system maintenance• Power Supply• Common Power Supply problems Chapter 3 - The PROCESSOR • Types of CPU dual core, core 2 duo, quad core, i3, i5, i7 etc• CPU socket/slot types• Comparing different types of CPU (AMD / INTEL)• How to identify CPUs physically• Physical installation of CPU• Installing CPU fan • CPU Benchmarking• CPU Overclocking• Upgrading CPU• CPU maintenance• CPU cleaning procedures • Troubleshooting & testing CPU using processor diagnostic test Chapter 4 - The MOTHERBOARD• Types of motherboards• Motherboard layout, form factors• Motherboard Identification• Motherboard components• ROM BIOS• Motherboard BUSSES• Configuring motherboard jumper settings• Upgrading motherboards• Signs of trouble with the motherboard• Common motherboard problems• Motherboard Maintenance• Motherboard Cleaning procedures• Troubleshooting and testing motherboards Chapter 5 - The MEMORY• Types of Memory• Comparing different types of memory• Memory identification• Adding and Removing Memory • Memory upgrading• Memory Maintenance• Memory cleaning procedures• Determine failed memory devices using memory diagnostics test• Troubleshooting RAM errors Chapter 6 - STORAGE DEVICES• The HARD DRIVES• Types of hard drives • Hard drive manufacturers• Hard Drive Identification• Identifying drive capacity• Hard drive controllers • SATAIDE/SCSI cables • Hard drive configuration (Master/Slave layout)• Hard drive installation• Upgrading to large Hard-disks• Optimizing hard disk performance• Hard drive maintenance• Hard drives problems troubleshooting and repairing Chapter 7 - EXPANSION CARDS/PERIPHERAL DEVICES• Expansion Slots• Proper insertion of expansion card• Replacing and removing expansion card• PCIE / Display /Video or Graphics card• Graphics adapter installation• Adding ad Removing video card• Display card Maintenance• Display card cleaning • Symptoms of trouble with display adapter • Common problems of graphics adapter Chapter 8 - PC PORTS• USB Port• Symptoms of trouble with USB port • Repairing common USB errors Chapter 9 - PC Assembly/Disassembly• Safety Concerns• Heat Factors • Static Electricity• Electro Static Discharge (ESD)• Radio Frequency Interference• AC Power• Spikes, Brownouts, Blackouts• UPS• Common errors occurring after PC Assembly• Properly assemble a Personal Computer • Properly disassemble a Personal Computer Chapter 10 - BIOS/CMOS Management• BIOS • Function of a BIOS• Accessing CMOS Setup• Navigating and Changing CMOS values• Upgrading the BIOS• Troubleshooting system faults using POST• BIOS and POST codes• Using POST audio and Video error codes• Standard IBM POST error codes• Determining what POST can not test Chapter 11 - Advance PC HARDWARE Servicing• PC Troubleshooting strategy• Designing a troubleshooting methodology• Establishing where to begin the testing• Determining common causes of failures• Finding and isolating the board with the problem Chapter 1 - Introduction• Common Windows errors• Desktop Operating Systems• Network Operating Systems• Overview of Windows Operating System• Windows Boot Process• Windows configuration files• Windows core files• Windows System Directories Chapter 2 - Windows File Systems • FAT (File Allocation Table)• NTFS (New Technology File System)• Types of File Systems (FAT16, FAT32, VFAT, • NTFS4, NTFS5 & HPFS)• File System Care• Checking the drive for errors• Supported File Systems of different versions of Microsoft Windows Chapter 3 - HARD DISK MANAGEMENT & CONFIGURATIONS• Hard disk configurations• Hard disk partition• Preparing a brand new hard drive• Partitioning a Hard Drive• Formatting a Hard Drive• Deleting Hard Disk partitions• Hard Disk Diagnostic test• Repairing the Master Boot Record• Fixing a damaged partition table• Repairing Hard Disk with Bad Sectors Chapter 4 - Operating System Installations and upgrades• Hardware requirements • Hardware compatibility• Common errors during installation• Installing Windows 7• Installing Windows 8• Installing Windows 10• Upgrading your Operating System• Dual Boot Installation Chapter 5 - Hardware Device Driver Installation • What is a Device driver?• Function of a device driver• Determining hardware model & manufacturer• Where to find Hardware drivers• Searching for drivers in the internet• Installing device drivers (Video card, LAN card, Modem, printers etc..)• Post-install operations Chapter 6 - Software Installation• Software compatibility• Hardware requirements• Dealing with failed installation• Installation methods (Control Panel, Installer)• Installing Software (MS-Office, Anti-Virus, Network games programs etc..)• Software updates and Service packs • Uninstalling Software• Dealing with failed uninstallation• Manual Removal of installed Software Chapter 7 - Virus Management: Detecting and Removing • What is a virus?

He’s been under stress and tearful for a long time and that is something not relating to his age.” But although Goodrum had pleaded guilty, and signed documents outlining the acts he had performed, in court yesterday he shouted it was “all lies.” Mr Clare said: “Saying it’s all lies is just down to fear and confusion, he does not know how he’s going to cope with custody.

Also preformed maintenance on door and replaced necessary parts. I appreciate their professional attitude as well as the great personal they have sent my way. Just when you think that it can't any better, Dave M shows up to begin the install.

Dave was very courteous, polite, and also a true professional.

Mark Roochove, prosecuting, said Goodrum’s offences took place between 19 and concerned a number of victims, with one as young as 11 years old.

He said Goodrum groomed many of them with money and presents.

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