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Sandra held nothing back during her performance at Life (the spot formerly known as the Village Gate) on Saturday night when she launched into a tirade about her ex-gal pal Madonna's latest film role, "Evita." Among other things, Sandra was disgusted by the fact that anyone would want to "make a movie glorifying a murderer . This news certainly shocked and disappointed a large number of the female fans in the audience.

You believe it, and we'll tell you all about our intimate moments with Sandra's girlfriend Patricia Velasquez. Bill's fill Bill Maher hasn't even done his first "Politically Incorrect" for ABC debuting Jan. "First of all," says Maher in the January issue of The Cable Guide, "I'm not looking to working like a f---ing slave.

A source close to the twice married model confirmed that the American beauty’s marriage with her American stock car racing driver husband was on the verge of breaking apart.

A reliable source revealed that the much in love couple, who got married to each other back in 2006, was having misunderstandings between them.

The informant further added that due to their constant arguing, the children are having hard time too.

“I love being a mom and the chaos it brings me,” says Taylor, 31, who lives with the boys in four-bedroom, French colonial in Brentwood, Tenn.

“It reminds me how lucky and blessed I am.” Those aren’t words that first come to mind when reviewing Taylor s life.

Niki Taylor can still be found awake most days at 4 a.m., just like when she was living in the fast lane as a supermodel – but these days she s up at that hour to check on her puppy Kaia before fixing breakfast for her 11-year-old twins, Jake and Hunter.

She centers the rest of her day on her boys, driving them to summer school, accompanying them on dirt bikes and begging them to pick up after themselves.

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