Who is korean singer rain dating

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I think he can sing anything but the fact that he loves R&B and Hip Hop is a plus for me.I have all of his CD's and I listen to them every day.On Monday, Rain revealed through a handwritten letter on Instagram that the song’s lyrics -- “She’s the greatest present of all” -- are an ode to Korean actress Kim and that the two will get married in the next few weeks in a private ceremony.In the message, Rain thanked fans for supporting him since his debut 16 years ago and described his relationship with Kim as being built on trust and support.The singer also said that he and Kim will get married in a quiet ceremony due to the ongoing political upheaval in South Korea.Rain is known for his many charity efforts, a few notable examples: In 2005 He donated money to have 50 drinking water wells built and in 2007 to have playgrounds built in Cambodia.and my god i fall inlove with you and you make me a fan ..there will be a project of you with Lee Min Hoo or a filipina leading lady..to see will have more project....What can I say except you are a brilliantly beautiful artist.

That female actress is Jun Ji-Hyun a.k.a Gianna Jun from "The Thieves", "My Love from Another Star/Man From Another Star" "Berlin Files" This woman can seriously act, and has sex appeal. I really hope you find ur true love in this season!!!!

I had the pleasure of watching your last television drama "My Lovely Girl" and it was nice but I feel strongly that you could have had a stronger female lead than the one cast.

Not that the young lady couldn't act, just needed someone more mature..an actress that could convey it sincerely, which was missed a lot in that drama....someone like Gianna Jun (actress from The Thieves, Berlin Files, Love From Another Star) Aside from that, I feel that you did a lot of work to carry the script, which wasn't well thought out toward the end.

The music video features Rain doing what he does best: emulating Michael Jackson in a fedora and one gloved hand while performing sleek choreography.

The elegant video and poignant song are Rain’s first releases since 2014's album.

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