Who is kellie pickler dating 2016

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Something about this town brings women together." She called her own close friends her "board of directors."The two also discussed pay equality for women, with Ford confessing that at one point in her career, a manager said during a contract negotiation, "Your husband does well," as justification for not paying her more.

As someone who was raised on classic female country artists, Pickler says when she first moved to Nashville she just wanted to make a "die-hard country record," but soon realized "there's a lot of suits and ties to please" in the business.

After exhausting all of his other potential donors in charity fundraising competitions during the show's season, he called Trump and asked him for 0,000.

While Trump didn't give him the money, he told Rich at the time, "Look at the balls on you," and was apparently impressed enough by the stunt to ultimately hand Rich the victory.

The couple got married in a small, intimate ceremony in the Caribbean on January 1, 2011.

They are still together and they are having most romantic time with each other.

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