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Which is good news for anyone who has ever used their laptop in their bedroom – so pretty much all of us.

FBI Director James Comey gave a speech at Kenyon College in Ohio last week, making his case that “absolute privacy” has never existed in America – until now, when encryption by default creates spaces where law enforcement can not go, even with a court order.

Hackers can use malicious software called a remote access trojan (RAT) to take over your computer, record your conversations, or even turn on your webcam to spy on you.

RATs are perfect for surveillance, which is probably why the FBI has used similar malware to infect the computers of suspects in criminal investigations, court records have shown.

One high profile case that put the spotlight on RATs was that of Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf, who was blackmailed by a criminal who used the RAT known as “Blackshades” to take nude pictures of her through her webcam.

However, almost 40 percent cover their webcams with duct tape, a band-aid and so on.

However, there are better ways to protect your privacy.

Comey commented that he puts a “piece of tape” over the webcam on his personal laptop.

That’s probably a good idea for someone as high-profile as Comey, as spies and hackers have made a habit of going after government officials and hacking their personal accounts.

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