Vip dating biz

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The Internet has upended innumerable traditional business models. A matchmaking school is reporting growing enrollment.

Men pay ,400 for at least six guaranteed dates, and women pay to 5 per date as matches become available, depending on how picky they are. Ninety-five percent of her clients have college degrees and 70 percent have advanced degrees, she said.While online dating has shed much of its stigma as it becomes the norm, people tend to be more shy about publicly discussing their matchmaking experiences.Several people interviewed for this article asked not to be identified by their full names to keep that personal detail out of the public realm...."I think people are getting so confused by all the options that they are looking for someone to help them."While no data tracks the growth of the human matchmaking trade, Paul Oyer, a Stanford University business school professor, said he wouldn't be surprised if it is on the upswing.As income inequality deepens, there are more well-off people who can afford personalized services, from day care to dog care to date-arranging, he said.

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