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Popular camboy, minieboi1013, has a lot of DMs on Twitter.He doesn’t really answer them until they start to come from hot guys wanting to fuck.He should be busy celebrating, but instead he’s forced to attend the ISU’s stupid presentation seminar.It was going to be awful, not just because he was sure to be the oldest newly presented skater there, but also because he would definitely be the only Omega.Being stuck in a room full of Alphas was definitely low on his list of things he wanted to do just days after his first major Senior Gold.That is until a tiny boy walked into the room and went and changed everything.

After getting roped into a risqué photoshoot for their new catalog, Yuuri attracts the attention of the one person he never wanted to think about again.

How do you get off when you don't have anything to get off with? Inspired by this kink prompt: "Character A works a minimum wage job at Starbucks and is trying to get a second job to help pay rent, but nothing is working out. From there, Hoseok finally found his true love, a Korean boy who had moved to Finland to study.

Strapped for cash, Character A tries to find themselves a Sugar Daddy to pay the bills."Basically, barista Yuri is bad at budgeting and is forced to find alternative methods to make rent. Otabek comes from a wealthy family, and is willing to help in exchange for a questionable agreement. Collection of Bangtan being fluffy with some more plot.

Their second love soul mate in a bid attract more young people into thinking.

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