Vb net updating dataset from datagridview

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Open the Data menu, and select Generate Dataset to see the dialog box shown in Figure 10.

Figure 10 Generating a Data Set for a data adapter.

Figure 9 The Wizard cannot generate UPDATE and DELETE statements for a table with no primary key.

You still need other objects to do something with the connection.Return to the Connection tab, which now looks like the one shown in Figure 4.Enter or select the name of the Access database in the first text box.Would you believe that you can make a program that lets the user view, insert, update, and delete records in a database table with only two lines of code? Rod Stephens explains how you can bind controls to data at design time or at runtime to provide simple but powerful database access with no muss or fuss.In Visual Basic 6, you can use an ADO Data control (ADODC) to select records from a database. You can still bind controls to data at design time or at runtime.

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