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(16 printed pages) Introduction Getting Started Writing the Validation Script Connecting the Form to the Script Associating Form Fields with Custom Script Code Listing Conclusion When you create forms, providing form validation is useful to ensure that your customers enter valid and complete data.

For example, you may want to ensure that someone inserts a valid e-mail address into a text box, or perhaps you want to ensure that someone fills in certain fields.

However, client-side validation may not work in all instances.

A user may have a browser that doesn't support client-side scripting or may have scripting disabled in the browser.

PFBC has several methods that support this type of scenario. The is Valid method has a second, optional parameter that controls whether or not the form's submitted data is cleared from the PHP session if the form validates without errors.

In the example above, false is passed allowing us to authenticate the potential user with the fictional is Valid User function.

In PFBC, PHP validation is achieved in a two step process.

The first step is to apply validation rules to form elements via the element's validation property.

This Email element also applies the Reg Exp validation rule to ensure the supplied email address is from Gmail." ))); $form- "The required property provides a shortcut for applying the Required class to the element's validation property.

Because the code is stored within the page or within a linked file, it is downloaded into the browser when a user accesses the page and, therefore, doesn't require a roundtrip to the server.

For this reason, client form validation can be faster than server-side validation.

You will then need to redirect users back to the form to correct and resubmit. "The required property provides a shortcut for applying the Required class to the element's validation property.

If supported, the HTML5 required attribute will also provide client-side validation." ))); $form- "The Reg Exp validation class provides the means to apply custom validation to an element.

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