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Most people who had a good relationship with me before are now afraid to communicate.Especially after the Uzbek "Maidan" ( context below).The first woman who to have received vocational education in Moscow.Before they opened a criminal case against me, I had appeared many times on Uzbek TV. I'm now known in my homeland as a dissident artist.Then we took a picture of ourselves at the monument to Taras Shevchenko in Tashkent.My husband signed the petition, but did not come to the embassy. But there, they decided that a punishment should be handed out to my husband as well and they took everything from him...

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An expert panel ruled that she and her husband, Oleg Karpov, had discredited and disrespected the traditions and values ​​of the Uzbek people, presenting "negative information, which may negatively affect the moral and psychological state of youth." Less than a month after the case had opened, Umida received a conviction for six months or imprisonment from two to three years in a labour camp.

Protests against the sentence began in Moscow and Paris.

Later, she received amnesty and was released on the day of anniversary of independence of Uzbekistan. However, life is not easy at present for Umida and her family, but she does not consider emigration for now.

It’s been a long time since I had the idea about ​​a movie about how in Muslim countries they make checks for virginity.

It is not a film about the inspection itself, but about the people who fall victim to this ritual.

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