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Do you wish to remain uninformed of security issues ([Y]es, [N]o) [N]: Y OPatch detected non-cluster Oracle Home from the inventory and will patch the local system only.Please shutdown Oracle instances running out of this ORACLE_HOME on the local system.If any present , then ask the DBA to recompile the object and make it valid.Running Patch Set Assistant GUI: cd MW_HOME/oracle_common/bin ./psa Note: The below requires SYS Password. Enter the Connect String as per environment Enter the Connect string as per environment Now get the Database Admin to run the below and ensure the version has been upgrade to : SQL select owner, version, status, upgraded from schema_version_registry; OWNER VERSION STATUS U ------------------------------ ------------------------------ ----------- ------------------------------- FMT_ACTIVITIES VALID Y FMT_DISCUSSIONS VALID N FMT_DISCUSSIONS_CRAWLER VALID N FMT_MDS VALID Y FMT_PORTLET VALID N FMT_WEBCENTER VALID N Copy and unzip below patch on the server.For information about setting up Target Servers for your proxy and configuring load balancing, see Load balancing across backend servers.There are many scenarios where you can use a Service Callout policy in your API proxy.For example, you can configure an API proxy to make calls to an external service to deliver geolocation data, customer reviews, items from a partner’s retail catalog, and so on. If you want to see Service Callout in action, check out this Learn by doing example in the Apigee Git Hub samples.

You can make callouts to either an external service (such as an external RESTful service endpoint) or internal services (such as an API proxy in the same organization and environment). Instead of using a policy such as Assign Message to create the request object, you can define it directly in the Service Callout policy./oracle/source/OFM11g R1/wcp_11.1.1.6/ p13788861_111160_Prerequisites: -------------- 1. Before applying non-mandatory patches, check whether you have the exact symptoms described in the bug. Review and download the latest version of OPatch 11.1.x via Bug 6880880.(OPatch version Oracle recommends that all customers be on the latest version of OPatch.- Stop all servers (Admin Server and all Managed server(s)) - Set your current directory to the directory where the patch is located.- Execution Steps: [[email protected] 13788861]$ export ORACLE_HOME =/oracle/app/product/fmw/oracle_common [[email protected] 13788861]$ echo $ORACLE_HOME /oracle/app/product/fmw/oracle_common/ [[email protected] 13788861]$ opatch apply Invoking OPatch Oracle Interim Patch Installer version Copyright (c) 2011, Oracle Corporation. Oracle Home : /oracle/app/product/fmw/oracle_common Central Inventory : /oracle/app/ora Inventory from : /etc/ora OPatch version : OUI version : OUI location : /oracle/app/product/fmw/oracle_common//oui Log file location : /oracle/app/product/fmw/oracle_common/cfgtoollogs/opatch/opatch2012-07-21_16-05-18Patch history file: /oracle/app/product/fmw/oracle_common/cfgtoollogs/opatch/opatch_OPatch detects the Middleware Home as "/oracle/app/product/fmw" Apply Session applying interim patch '13788861' to OH '/oracle/app/product/fmw/oracle_common' Running prerequisite checks...

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