Updating norton caused a script error tsdating site review

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I remember Norton firewall was really big somewhere around that time and my brother was into that stuff big time.

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I did this on New Years Day, now I'm thinking 2014 maybe a good year for me. But as my brother says my services will no doubt be need again as my parents are seniors citizens. I saw a lot of message boards with people asking for help for the same type of problems and the workarounds and fixes they tried didn't work. Thanks for my advice from a person who deals with end users that think norton is the "shit" uninstall it, it's bloatware, it hardly catches anything, what you need are 2 specific ones. both of them combined will keep things safe and secure. They are nothing but bloat, end up causing more problems than they prevent and the last time I checked, their scan engines were very poor and let things in other security solutions wouldn’t.

I've done over 100 clean and wipes and installs with windows and each time I tell the customer what would be a good idea to get or have me install, suffice to say. The person I replaced where I work, a guy that was in IT for 40 years, swore against those two products and would not allow them on any computer in the company, and I am proudly holding up that tradition.

Since we didn’t use Symantec products, it didn’t affect us, but it affected our customers who rely on our software to do their jobs and make their products.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars were wasted on support calls and flying service technicians all around the country and Canada only to realize some time later that the common denominator between all of the problems was the computers running the software were infected with the most dangerous virus ever, symantec.

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