Updating mbr

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Notably affected structures are the volume allocation bitmap, modifications to MFT records such as moves of some variable-length attributes stored in MFT records and attribute lists, and indices for directories and security descriptors.

updating mbr-76

updating mbr-45

updating mbr-55

updating mbr-72

Alternate data streams allow more than one data stream to be associated with a filename (a fork), using the format "filename:streamname" (e.g., "text.txt:extrastream").

Using the default cluster size of 4 KB, the maximum NTFS volume size is 16 TB minus 4 KB.

Both of these are vastly higher than the 128 GB limit in Windows XP SP1.

The journal is made available for applications to track changes to the volume.

The hard link feature allows different file names to directly refer to the same file contents.

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