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The problem with i OS 11 is that for some people, the battery life on their i Phones doesn’t seems to be getting any better.

I restored a backup of previous applications, notes, photos, and video once I had i OS 9.1 installed, which also added some additional time.

Once I had the phone back up and running, I was pleasantly surprised.

Every scrap of data, down to previous session cookies in Safari and Notes I’d written in i OS 7 imported perfectly.

Instead of hearing a steady “click-click-click,” the sound is transmitted as “click—click—click—clickclickclickclickclick.” Combined with the still-noticeable delay, it makes typing on i OS 9.1’s default keyboard feel extremely clunky.

The keyboard problem, at least, can be solved by switching to a third-party application. It’s only a problem when typing on the keyboard, other audio, like Netflix or audio streaming, works perfectly.

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