Updating a bathroom vanity

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Sharing with the Best DIY Projects of July at Beneath My Heart and Before & After DIY Contest at Pretty Handy Girl.This project was featured as a “Best DIY Project Highlights” at Beneath My Heart and as a runner up in the Before and After Project at Pretty Handy Girl. And we put on a new faucet too, since this was a head to toe vanity makeover.I found this one on Amazon, it was such a steal, I’d been eying it for months.The bathroom updating started pretty innocently, in fact it started with cleaning the tile floor.The cleaning went wrong when some grout got scrubbed out of the tile joints and then things snow balled from there.

We used MDF for the panels and paint grade wood (poplar) for the door frames because it’s cheap, easy to handle in our makeshift wood shop (aka garage), and accepts heavy black paint just fine.

Yea, that’s the story of most of our renovations ~ problems!

But thankfully we did find a new top that fit after a quick 2 day search and put the bathroom back together in no time.

You can see we still have to put the baseboards back on. This is where things are with the bathroom mini makeover plan: Lots of items checked off the list, just what I love! Catch up with me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

I’m not sure if I’ll do that before or after we fix the floor. And Friday is a quick 15 minute craft, come back then!

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