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Request permission to publish from: 1.1 Formation and development 1.2 Composition and quality a. Packing whole dates 2.1 Home-made date preparations. Quality profile of whole dates 1.3 Outlets and Marketing 1.3.1 Khalaal 1.3.2 Rutab 1.3.3 Tamr a. Storage i fumigation ii heat treatment iii refrigeration iv irradiation c. Additional treatments i maturation ii dehydration iii hydration iv glazing v coating vi pitting e. Moisture content is reduced from about 60 to 40% 32. Intake and weighing of freshly harvested whole bunches; b. The properties it owns includes the highly popular app Tinder, OKCupid, Plenty Of Fish, Match, and How About We.Match had a .3 million profit for the first six months of this year, according to its SEC filing.

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Effect of palm tapping on trunk development (Indian method) 1.

Simultaneous thawing and dehydration of frozen khalaal (Bahrain) a.

Hard desert dates, harvested on the bunch and thrown to the ground (Fezzan) 11. Canary palms (Phoenix Canariensis) (note flower development in these overpruned ornamental palms) (Sicily, Italy) 13. Schematic picture of the date palm during a one-year production cycle 15. 4-year old plantation of Zahdi offshoots (California) 21. Thawing of frozen khalaal (cv Kuneizi, a red variety) (Bahrain) 31.

Production of date syrup (rub, dibs) at the village level (Libya) 81.

Process flow sheet for combined date syrup and spread production 80.

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    An unknown number of lower-income migrants remain abroad. For most of the nation's history the official language has been French.