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Companies like Streambox, mimo Live and Everywoah are making money on Streaming 360 video.

Get an overview of the free and open RICOH THETA Unofficial Guide community, try some of the projects and tutorials, ask questions and learn yourself! As a taste of some of the types of projects, Jesse will introduce several cutting edge live 360 degree streaming applications and show you the ins and outs.

To this end, the NPHC promotes the well-being of its affiliate fraternities and sororities, facilitates the establishment and development of local councils of the NPHC, and provides leadership training for its constituents.

Without the HTC Vive it probably doesn't demo well, but it's cool if you can show off some of the details maybe 1-to-1 at the meetup.

Part of this system involved live streaming 360 feed into a virtual reality headset, which was easier said than done.

There are a lot of instructions/tutorials/guides out there but nothing that completely does what I wanted to do, so I figured I would write this up for anybody who wanted to do something similar using Steam VR or other VR API's in Unity.

Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority's aim is to enhance the quality of life within the community.

Public service, leadership development and education of youth are the hallmarks of the organization's programs and activities. exists as a nationally incorporated social/service fraternity which continues to remain true to the original aims of its founders.

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