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BILL: Well, it's just a case of not having much to begin with, but what you did have has gone. BILL: Well, it's probably given somebody a good time. JENNY BROCKIE: Tracee, do you know what's happened to your money? We've seen a great movement towards Ghana over the past ten years, I've been to Ghana, spoken, worked with their officials, they estimate 70 percent of their offenders in their country are Nigerian.

I lived a debt free life at the beginning and from what I did there, I took out a ,000 mortgage on the home that I owned and that was all used. TRACEE: I certainly do, it bought him a really nice brand new home and a car, while I'm in the process of losing mine. Our research shows that for every dollar that goes to Nigeria, there's another dollar and 4 cents going to one of 41 different countries. We've seen a lot of money going to Malaysia over the past three years - again that tends to be a Nigerian population.

JENNY BROCKIE: Why do you say that with such confidence? We go out and buy - how many, how many of us go and buy a Lotto ticket for a big jackpot coming up because we live in hope. BRIAN HAY: We have propensity to believe what we read and when you go face-to-face every day we build up a sixth sense or a degree of body language signals that we say yeah or nay, I wouldn't trust, I would trust, I'd lend you the keys to my car, there's something about - I don't know what it is but something about this bloke I wouldn't trust.

JENNY BROCKIE: Alright, we did a quick search of your photo, your image, and we found ten Facebook profiles, just very quickly, using your photos. Here you are as Mark Hannett; Michael Hannett from Virginia; Hannett Blankson from California; Glen Hannett; another Glen Hannett from Afghanistan; then we have a Hannett Glen; another Mark Hannett, a Hannett Mark, again Mark Hannett, and finally Hannett Scott in Syria. LTC GORDON HANNETT: Well, it's been irritating and frustrating.They emailed and spoke on the phone, but when she asked to meet in person he said he had to return to the U. She wants dating websites to take more responsibility to stop scammers. Tracee poured tens of thousands into fees and taxes for the 'gold’. LTC Hannett believes people have an inherent trust in the army personnel but don’t know much about the military so are easily scammed. JENNY: Yes, I received a phone number from him while he was allegedly still in Perth and it looked like a Perth phone number.Tracee believed she was in a relationship with a U. Bill had Queensland police knock on his door to alert him he was being defrauded. S Army Sergeant, who then supposedly passed away, leaving him a box of money and gold. I now realise it was not, it was dialling to a computer somewhere.JENNY BROCKIE: Welcome everybody, good to have you with us tonight. JENNY: He said he was living in Perth, he was working in the mining industry, originally from the United States. JENNY BROCKIE: How many tranches of money did you send all together? It was stolen from, he'd stolen it from the Taliban and he'd hidden it and he was putting it in a bank vault in Kabul and needed money to pay the fees on the gold. JENNY BROCKIE: And why do you think you fell in love, what was it like, explain it to me? Bill, you joined a dating site called Gay Romeo after your wife died, your wife of 30 years, yeah. And I was a lonely person then and I was looking for a new life and what transpired between us made that promise of being possible. BILL: I developed a love of him but a respect and a willingness to find out more.Jenny, you lost a six figure sum in just six weeks in an on-line romance scam, how did it start? I was contacted by someone who seemed legitimate, took the romance, if you like to call it that, off-line and that's where it started. JENNY BROCKIE: Okay, and you were living in Perth as well? The suburb he said was probably twenty minutes away from where I lived. JENNY: Well, he said his name was Garry, he always signed his messages from the first message as "hopeless romantic Garry", which I thought was just a bit of fun really but then I realised all part of the game, yeah. JENNY: Four, one was teeny tiny, and then three very large ones. JENNY BROCKIE: And you were sending him money how soon? TRACEE: The man I fell in love with, this fictitious photo here. TRACEE: I'd been looking after my mum for six months, sorry, six years, caring for her. JENNY BROCKIE: So what was the scammer saying and were you getting suspicious? I come from a military family so there was an element of doubt there regarding some of the things that he was saying, both my parents are military, especially when he was sort of saying things like we're running out of food, we need money for food, can you send an extra 0? Did you ever Skype this person or"¦ TRACEE: We did Skype once but his camera didn't work, which is the same usual story you get from all"¦. JENNY BROCKIE: Did you find that out at the time or found out later? JENNY BROCKIE: So how long did this go on before he started asking you for money?

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