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Perhaps too, the readers dying to witness what happens to the werewolf Sam (Chaske Spencer) will feel a glimmer of consummation when he throws down with the bad vampires in order to protect Jacob's good vampire friends.

This throw-down -- with Sam or not -- is the climax here.

And while it's predictably protracted and tedious and very, very badly CGI-ed (per the franchise's reputation), it does occasion a gathering of lots of vampires, much-discussed Friends of the Cullens who hail from the Amazon or Ireland or Russia of Brazil (each food-groupish identity designated as such: the women from the Amazon are Amazons, the Indians from Brazil wear loincloths even in the icy tundra, the Russians seek heavily accented vengeance).

The gathering process has Bella driving snowy roads in her Volvo in order to show assorted Friends of the Cullens that Renesmee is a terrific (if rather creepy) kid with warm hands and not a crime, as she's been mis-termed.

Poor, dear Jane pretty much embodies what's wrong with the Twilight franchise, its cynicism and arrogance, its occasional self-awareness and its pervasive squandered potential.

That is, if you're going to cast Dakota Fanning, why wouldn't you make Jane wondrous and weird, at least, as Jacob puts it "a little strange"?

And so, the too-many Cullens are briefly identified once again by their gifts and couplings (this was, of course, determined long before "gifts" was itself transformed into the so-overweighted term used by Mitt Romney), Charlie is granted a happy ending with a girlfriend, Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) have sex and then talk about how awesome their sex is, and their little girl Renesmee (Mackenzie Foy) is defined and pursued and feared and adored.

Lautner tried really hard to dodge her questions; Michele wouldn't let him.-- they have usually admitted same, and for that, you may have forgiven its other excesses.It's a silly tweeny romance, it's emotionally excessive and visually overblown according to the sensibility of its tweeny consumers, and yes everyone knows that and so it's okay.Once all are gathered in Forks and the Volturi arrive, you may feel briefly buoyed by the fabulous stylings of Aro (Michael Sheen), whose perversity is perhaps perfectly realized when he yelps with delight on first espying the terrific kid he means to destroy.Jane (Dakota Fanning) fares less well, reduced again (!

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