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However, Federalist details are often incorporated into modern American homes.Look past the vinyl siding, and you may see a fanlight or the elegant arch of a Palladian window.See a 20th century Dutch Colonial Revival bungalow German Settlers in the American colonies used local materials to recreate building styles from their homeland.Schifferstadt Architectural Museum in Frederick, Maryland is a landmark example of German Colonial Architecture.

Twentieth century Dutch Colonial Revival houses borrow the gambrel roof found on historic Dutch Colonial houses.Built in coastal areas of the American South, these homes were designed for wet, hot climates.Tidewater homes have large porches (or "galleries") sheltered by a broad roof.Like much of America's architecture, the Federal (or Federalist) style has its roots in the British Isles.Three Scottish brothers named Adam adapted the pragmatic Georgian style, adding swags, garlands, urns, and Neoclassical details.

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