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Once they were downloaded, Assad’s spooks could rifle through files, select data to copy, and follow up on the target’s Skype chat logs and contacts for more phishing expeditions.

The women usually asked their targets whether they were using a smart-phone or computer before launching a tailored malware based on the remote-access software called Dark Comet.

Researcher Nart Villeneuve says Fire Eye is unable to identify precisely who is behind the tailored attacks, but adds: “We know that they used social media to infiltrate victims’ machines and steal military information that would provide an advantage to President Assad’s forces on the battlefield.”The cyber threat company has focused its investigation on a series of attacks mounted between November 2013 and January 2014.

The interest of researchers was piqued when they came across a cache of stolen rebel battle plans in mid-2013 for an operation to capture the town of Khirbet Ghazaleh near the city of Daraa.

The activities of the hacker group that Fire Eye unearthed are more espionage-focused, using a greater range of malware that has been customized and developed to be more insidious.Virtual femme fatales are managing to secure battle plans and opposition strategies, actionable military intelligence and scores of documents offering Assad’s officers valuable insight into the opposition’s operations.Since the start of the Syrian uprising in 2011, pro-Assad hackers have been targeting opponents using increasingly sophisticated malware and social media manipulation to trick rebel commanders and fighters as well as opposition politica figures into giving them access to their computers and smart-phones.I have made a lot of good friends and found a few great partners. Once you do, you can view the profiles of all our members, send and recieve flirts, chat in 'real time' in the shoutbox, play games and a host of other sexy activities; free.Hot Sexy Cougars is one of the world's largest dating sites.

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