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Welcome to Do My amateur homemade porn community, where members can chat and exchange their own videos and pictures.Seize an opportunity to create your amateur porn blog with polls on any topic to get users comments, become really famous by uploading your homemade adult photos, and find horny partners or wild couples for sex via our dating services. Bio AKA: Dani Daniels Location: New York City, New York, United States Ethnicity: Caucasian Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Green Stats: 36DHeight: 5'11"(180cm)Penis: 8″(20cm)Birthday: February 25, 1988Added: Jun 22nd 2010Web Links: Views: 269529Just watched or tried to watch one of her videos. If I would ever go with one,i'd be the one doing the Fucking and"she" would be the one doing the sucking! LMAO Just read an Interview with Grace Jones and she mentions Danni! In my mind if a guy,would go with a Tranny"she" must be very Sexy and Feminine!She kept trying to alert anyone who would listen; police, the local authority, politicians. About 20 mostly Asian, Arab and black men were having a barbecue.I was told to sit next to three underage girls but not speak to them.

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Not so sure about that androgeny look, on the one side I think it makes her to masculine and butch and she obviously likes playing the part of the Dom.I'm sure most males have fantasies about doing a Tranny,but when a guy getting fucked by one and sucks"her"dick,that is pretty much gay sex,in my opinion! She said"Danni Daniels I love very much, She is a White Me! lol I suspected that since I was like 10 watching Conan the Conqueror and 007 with Chris Walken! lol I was lucky enough to meet her in person a cuple of days ago.Back to this subject as I mentioned Danni looks way too much like a guy and"she" is an absolute turn off for me. In person she pulls the look off beautifully and was incrediable! Based on the last few sets...especially the most recent...she's getting way more feminine...especially her body. They are so wrapped up in their black and white interpretation of gay and straight (and they've all convinced themselves that they are straight because they like the most fem shemales) that they are unwilling to experience the huge spectrum of humanity in between. Too bad they feel the need to lash out and leave remarks like they do to make themselves feel better about their own insecurities. Danni is one of those girls that reminds people (in their limited minds) that they are essentially looking at a person with a dick, and they can't handle it.

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