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For full election coverage, go to Governing's Election Center.Lawmakers have become acutely familiar with the financial challenges caused by pension underfunding, and they're certainly aware of the political difficulties involved in trying to change pension formulas.New York has been reluctant to embrace technology when it comes to counting votes.Could the state’s hesitation be the source for its recent election debacles?Rural lawmakers are dwindling in number as people continue to migrate to metropolitan areas.

Democrats are preparing to fight the new administration's policies like Trump's pick to lead the EPA fought Obama's: with lawsuit after lawsuit. government that any party has had in decades, Republicans have hit the jackpot.

This spring, he was approached by Amtrak, which hoped to lure him to erase an enormous deficit as he had already done as chief financial officer for Washington, D. City officials did everything they could think of to keep Gandhi in his current position, including boosting his salary by nearly 0,000.

And this money maestro, who arrived in America from India 40 years ago with in his pocket, chose to stay put.

In Kentucky, one of the few Southern states where Democrats still hold power, it's a tossup between a Republican businessman appealing to religious conservatives and a Democratic AG distancing himself from Obama.

Giving up on the gridlock at the federal and state levels, progressives are turning their attention to local ballots to get their ideas passed.

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