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The "abstinence-only" initiative gained national attention in 1996 when President Clinton enacted landmark welfare reform that included grants for abstinence programs.In November 2004, Congress included more than 1 million for abstinence programs in a spending bill, an increase of million but about 0 million less than President Bush requested.Corey, in contrast, emerges as the diplomat, a politician in the making who sees no good in confrontation, insisting instead on compromise.

Shelby links hands with the other teens, promising before her parents and God, "On my wedding night, that night will be my first time."Although committed to her personal vow, Shelby is not convinced that Ed Ainsworth's lectures constitute real sex education.

Although her county's high schools teach abstinence as the only safe sex, Lubbock has some of the highest rates of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases in the nation.

Shelby, a devout Christian who has pledged abstinence until marriage herself, becomes an unlikely advocate for comprehensive sex education, profoundly changing her political and spiritual views along the way.

I have power there."On the public level, the youth group is getting extensive media coverage but little attention from school officials.

After repeated requests, the school board finally allows them to present their recommendations.

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