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Martin takes some Northern liberties here (the shrimp are shell-off and sautéed) but sacrifices no zip, thanks to a crawfish stock spiked with Worcestershire and Crystal hot sauce.Catahoula's earnest stab at Louisiana comfort - with even a rare bowl of buttery, subtle crawfish bisque - is welcome in a city with too few practitioners of the Cajun-Creole canon.There has been a world of distractions, beginning with the patisseries of Northern France, which, as a late teen, Martin enjoyed while trying to become a professional cyclist.There were the Southwestern accents he acquired in Austin, Texas, where he began his cooking career.The fried shrimp po-boy, though, was outstanding, tossed with zippy rémoulade and shredded lettuce, and tucked into a delicate (unseeded) Sarcone's roll that is about the closest Philly can get to the flaky crust of an airy New Orleans French loaf.I wish I could say the same for the crackery flat breads, which need more substance for hearty toppings like shrimp, andouille, and smoked Gouda. Martin's andouille - a too-finely-ground phony brought in from Vermont, of all places - isn't good enough to be featured solo as a "hot dog." The fries alongside were supposedly homemade, but our limp potatoes could have used an extra fry in the crisper.And while I'm all for updating classics with modern flourishes (like those addictive smoked Gouda grits), I don't think "truffled tartar" belongs anywhere near fried catfish, an unmistakably swampy-tasting fish that works best when it stays humble.

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Ditto for those fried oysters in the po-boy - too thick on the crunch.A platter of Tasso-studded jambalaya, its rice enriched with duck fat, duck jus, and thyme, gets crowned with a salty, gamy, tender leg of duck confit.For BBQ shrimp, I'm used to head-on crustaceans submerged in pools of molten butter.It also happens to represent a full circle of sorts for this quirky Queen Village space, which was once a neighborhood dive known as La Creole before dabbling for about a year in the upscale aspirations of a palm-fringed BYOB named Sauté.Reviving the space as a lively and casual neighborhood hang was a smart idea, as I saw the same young faithful perched here holding court each night I visited.

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