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I was surprised at his openness and humility and at the same time didn't know why he was sharing it.Oprah had the biggest talk show in the country at the time, and no doubt it took a lot of work to book the family on her show.Above, Michelle poses with the award and her children Back in the day: The Duggar children and their father, Jim Bob, are pictured in early 2004 in their first special, 14 Children and Pregnant Again.What started off as one-off documentary shows became TLC's longest running program, 19 Kids and Counting.She gave birth to her daughter, Johannah, on October 11.Above, Michelle is pictured cradling Johannah while surrounded by her children Then, in March 2003, 'several' minors came forward to say that Josh had been touching them 'when they sleep,' leading to his father Jim Bob holding another family meeting and deciding to speak with elders at the family's church about the offenses.Jim Bob and Michelle along with all the victims were interviewed, though Josh was made unavailable to speak by his parents and no charges were pursued in the end as the statute of limitations had by that point run out.

Above, her labor was filmed for the Duggars' Big Family Album, which also recapped on themes from previous specials Wedding: Josh and Anna married at the bride's church, Buford Grove Baptist Church in Florida, on September 26 (right) .At that On November 15, Michelle welcomed her fourteenth child, Justin.In previous years, she had already given birth to Josh, Jana, now 25, John-David, 25, Jill, 24, Jessa, 22, Jinger, 21, Joseph, 20, Josiah, 18, Joy-Anna, 17, Jedidiah, 16, Jeremiah, 16, Jason, 15 and James, 13.Political agenda: Jim Bob (left) is pictured alongside his eldest son, Josh (center), and Mike Huckabee, whom he endorsed in 2008 in line with his intention to seek out conservative Christian candidates and work to get them elected.During Jim Bob's years in state 'Mom and Dad believed this could be an avenue to share with the world their strong belief that children are a blessing from God, and believed it could be a way to encourage families to draw closer to Him and each other.'But what the family did not reveal, as the show began filming, was that in March of that year, eldest son Josh had molested at least one young girl, confessing to the offense a few months after it occurred in the family home.

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