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And if it does happen, I WILL BE WEARING A CONDOM - no probs on that ! It's more like an interview process, where the big question is "will this person hurt me physically or emotionally?

Since I'm not looking for a serious relationship, I won't rule out casual sex, but I wanna get to know the woman a bit first before anything happening - does this make any sense ? So, getting to know someone--for lots of us--is really all about safety.

This site is for adults who wish to chat anonymously with like minded grown ups.

There is no advertising, basic membership to this chat site is free and our chat is old school internet 1.0 style free chat rooms.

This is the best alternative of omegle, Chatroulette, Yahoo messenger or Skype video calls.

Perhaps you don’t have any close, supportive relationships or perhaps the problem you want to talk about involves the person you usually go to for a listening ear.Perhaps you’re needing to make a big decision, having difficulty coping with a stressful situation, experiencing conflict in an important relationship, or simply feeling lonely.Talking to someone can go a long way toward improving your well-being and ability to perform day-to-day tasks. Personally, in this day & age, I don't think I could do it - had a few in the past (way in the past I should say, when I was in my 20's). We've all been burned to the point that we're hesitant to take risks.Chatliv provides you with an amazing real time and live online Face to Face chatting experience.

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