Royalty dating reality show examples of well written dating profiles

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We’re sure she’s learned which forks to use when and how to address the Queen (better known as grandma to Harry) when in her Majesty’s presence.But there are some even stranger rules ladies have to follow when they are being courted by royalty, according to Alison Read.At least Kate has a reasonable shot of becoming queen some day.With Harry fourth in line for the throne, behind his father, his brother and his nephew Prince George, Harry’s future bride will be giving up an awful lot of career autonomy in exchange for a career that consists mostly of walking rope lines and going to parties.Summer love is in the air, as, Matthew Hicks, an average English “bloke,” is given the royal treatment and an upper-crust makeover before meeting 12 single American women searching for Prince Charming.(Daniel Smith/Fox) The oddest thing about “I Wanna Marry ‘Harry,’ ” which premiered last night, is that the show relies on an assumption that it never bothers to support: that Henry Charles Albert David Mountbatten-Windsor is a desirable spouse.The show takes this so thoroughly for granted that, in setting up a bloodbath over the fake Harry’s hand, it never takes a moment to consider whether its basic premise is true — or that there is something truly odd about the spectacle of a gaggle of American women falling all over themselves to be part of the British monarchy. Prince Henry of Wales, who will turn 30 this fall, may have a royal title and a steady job, but I am not sure how much else there is to recommend him as some sort of dream catch.He has a record of the sort of racial attitudes that seem like they stem from a very prolonged stay in a very protected bubble.

The truth is, they are lying to him and to themselves, too.If the relationship comes to an end, Alison says manage your expectations for the next guy."Don't be disappointed if he shows up in a limo, but there are no motorcades or flags, don't be disappointed." He still may be a prince at heart.“You better know who you are wearing, because you will be asked,” Alison shares, adding that you won’t be able to wear the same thing twice, due to all the paparazzi photos.And "I always needed to be approachable because most of the time, carrying on the conversation fell to me.” Also, to keep from getting a shot that could land you with a star over your privates in the latest gossip rag, "keep the clutch close by if you're wearing a long evening gown, it can be strategically placed," Alison advises.

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