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The three most prominent living members, Jim, Rob (pictured below) and Alice are consistently in the top ten richest people in America.

The company was founded in 1911 by their grandfather, Frank Mars, in Tacoma, Washington.Louis, MO18 Dorrance family, .8 B, 11 (EST.), Campbell Soup Co.Camden, NJ19 Mellon family, B, 200 (EST.), Banking, Pittsburgh, PA20 Brown family, .6 B, 25 (EST.).Forbes have published a list which names the publishing giants family as the 6th richest in the nation worth, billion The state with the second highest total wealth is Arkansas with 8 billion, but that comes from only three families, the Waltons, with 2 billion, the Stephens with billion and the Tysons with .8 billion. Cox (right) purchased the Dayton Evening News in 1898.Today the company he started includes Cox Communications and Auto Trader Group.

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