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And now, people who have dated both sexes have revealed that it sometimes really does feel like men and women are from different planets.Whether it's the early flirting stages or a long-term relationship, bisexual men and women on Reddit say they have noticed vast differences in their romantic encounters with people across the genders.If you want to see more Cassandra Calin work we’ve shared, check out women’s life problems.

With various apps and social media platforms, dating in the digital age can often be a minefield.The survey also revealed that 85 per cent of people believe it is appropriate to check out a prospective date’s social channels, while 80 per cent are likely to browse their date's social media before going.Less than half of respondents check out a date afterwards and 66 per cent prefer a group date because it's considered a relaxed environment and less likely to lead to an awkward silence.Clearly, we’re all confused when it comes to getting it right on dating apps.There’s even a new term called ‘Kittenfishing’ that describes people who panic and get their wittier, smarter friend to pen their bio for them.

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