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His grandfathers, Sir Maurice Fiennes and Brigadier Henry Alleyne Lash, were an industrialist.Ralph is the eighth cousin of the Prince of Wales and third cousin of adventurer Ranulph Fiennes and author William Fiennes.He initially gained international fame for his character of Nazi war criminal, Amon Goeth in the movie Schindler’s List.He is a successful English actor with a net worth of million.

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“Not only is the series about women, which is great in itself, but of the nine chief protagonists, eight are over 40, and that’s extremely unusual,” she says.

“To be honest with you, I’m going to Cuba because I’ve always promised myself I’d go there, and now feels like a good time,” she says.

“It’s not to do with my birthday, because I never really think about age – my own or other people’s. ’ ” Annis has lived life to the full, and plans to continue doing so. “But the trick is not to dwell on the past or in the future.

“I might vaguely wonder what decade a person is in because, with each new decade, people go through changes and stuff gets bolted on. With any luck she has inherited not just her French-Brazilian mother, Mariquita’s beautiful cheekbones but her longevity too. I just think about what’s happening right now, that is all I’m really focused on.” Right now, then, we are meeting at the offices of ITV.

I never quite believe it when someone of 70 says they still feel 25. The actress, dressed with style and simplicity (cashmere crew-neck jumper and tailored jeans, both black), is promoting her role in Home Fires, a six-part drama that celebrates the work of the Women’s Institute during the Second World War.

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