Puala white dating

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At one point, Paula’s separate broadcast business, Paula White Ministries, was bringing in ,000-,000 a week, according to the . Paula credits Jakes, pastor of the black megachurch The Potter’s House, with catapulting her career to stardom when he invited her to speak at an African-American women’s conference in 2000.

White, like Jakes and the late Tims, is a strong proponent of the controversial prosperity gospel, theology that advocates that the more money worshippers put into the church or ministry, the greater their return.

Every proclamation is greeted by “amen’’ and other shouts of the spirit from the faithful.

Hands on hips like Mick Jagger, the slender, blond White struts on the stage, wisecracking like a Comedy Central stand-up, then backpedaling for effect.

Two years later, he and his co-pastor wife, Riva, divorced.

But his standard of living would have paled in comparison to White’s.That’s my message.” Ole Anthony, founder of Dallas-based Trinity Foundation, a religious watchdog organization, isn’t circumspect about his view of White.“Paula represents everything that is wrong with American religion,” he says.“You must understand, we’ve had quite a few people trying to do hatchet-job stories lately, and we really see no value in participating in a rehash of past news, controversies, responding to claims by detractors, etc.,” James Florez, managing director of Burson-Marsteller Public Affairs in Dallas, replied to a request for an interview with White.Outspoken critics, including several bishops from Central Florida and around the country, say they have been warned that they face being sued for libel and slander if they make disparaging remarks about White on the record.

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