Problems updating steam

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So today when i got to editing what version of Climates of Tamriel to use when picking the different settings in it and then went into the game to see how it was, i got a message indicating i had an older version of SKSE installed, so i thought i´d do what i always do and install the new version. I got the new version and i installed it as always before while looking at Gophers video on how to install.When i was about to start the game and use the Get SKSEVersion command, i got an error box telling me to update to the latest version of Skyrim.This of course could mean that my view on fresh install is something else than yours, and as i said, i´m no expert on this.The issue started now when SKSE tells me to update to the latest Skyrim version and nothing can be done Via Steam. improper SKSE installation I have re-downloaded it twice, but i will give it another go.I thought this was odd, but i went into STEAM and tried to update it from there.The major problem is that i am stuck at that point.The reinstall of my windows would be done if i was forced to reinstall my game anyways..the way you describe and if i delete the local files from Steam and installs it again, in what way will that mess up my mods and their installations? I am very much so not a professional modder or mod user.I install all my mods via NMM and nothing via Steam. I have runned BOSS to see if there where any errors in there, but my warnings where 0.

With regards Thariir I'm not quite understanding what you were trying to do. Skse is a manual install: what version is your skyrim?

I am was trying to update my mods, and when i got to installing the latest SKSE from the silverlock site as i have done before it started to go wrong.

When loading a save, the version at the left side in my screen says Regarding reinstall.

There are a few dirty files, but that area for me is very new and i have not done any file-cleaning before at all.

not so fresh and trying to update mods You might have mods that are out of date and no longer updated, good to check up on the actual mod pages.

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