Personal sex telephone chat lines validating failed

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Just like the regulars down at the coffee house chewing the fat on a Tuesday night, or the regulars down at the corner bar yakking while nursing a Bud.

When I was a teen, in the late 90s (when everyone was still new to AOL) one girl from my class got hooked on these lines.

Here it is 8pm on a Saturday & 20 people are paying /minute each to listen to each other talk about lawn mowers or their crappy jobs.

In all, the concept is/was not much different from a message board or internet chat room where sex is the main reason for being there.

Customers would call the advertised 800#, give their credit card info, and be connected to the conference for $X/minute.

The moderator kept track of people's times & also had a way to bounce anybody who got to be a problem.

Seems there is some disagreement as to whether they're just plain phone sex lines (which I could understand) vs talking to a big group of random losers who call chat lines at 2 AM (which seems like the saddest thing ever).

So there were a lot of people that developed the habit of calling at certain times of the week.

A conference was limited to about 10 callers, and additional conferences were spun up as demand dictated.

The "atmosphere" of the call usually resembled a strip club.

There was a lot of "playing Dr." or "show and tell." Many moderators came from the ranks of women callers who got to liking the attention & wanted a few bucks an hour to boot.

It always amazed my pal how often the conversations among the regulars would turn to non-sex stuff.

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