Perils of cyberdating

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Spira is the founder of Cyber-Dating Expert and has been featured over 650 times in the media with her online dating and mobile dating advice.

She appeared in Vice Media's documentary, The Mobile Love Industry, as the featured dating coach.

“One always wonders about the one that got away,” said Spira.

“After seven years together with the man I referred to as the ' Love of my Life,' we went our separate ways and married others just days apart.

Seven years ago, author Julie Spira released her bestselling memoir and online dating book, The Perils of Cyber-Dating: Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic Looking for Love Online, which chronicled her 15-year romantic journey while looking for love on the Internet. Even four weeks is too long to wait to meet somebody in person, according to Julie Spira, the U.If he says he can’t make it, get him to suggest an alternate date and time.” And if that doesn’t work, well, the writing is on the wall.“Realize you’re in the friend zone and it’s time to find someone who does want a real relationship – which is the main reason people go online,” points out Julie, who speculates he may have already found someone else, or he may simply be after the ego boost of having someone of the opposite sex to talk to.” If you can’t get to the next level with this guy, Julie figures you have two choices.You can either stay friends with him, while at the same time looking for someone who’s ready for a deeper relationship.

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