Paul lynde on the dating game

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I always thought Poland was a fabulous comedian and it incredibly talented and am so saddened at our loss of this great man who only seem to lack the most important thing in life… I can appreciate that and commend the author for her tribute.Perhaps I went in with other expectations of a more in depth look at someone I long admired.As there are more than a couple typos and misspelled words in the kindle version I suspect stronger editing would have helped.Paul Lynde had a long and varied career as a comic actor, but baby boomers remember him for two particular roles: as Uncle Arthur in the 1960s TV series Bewitched, and as a wisecracking celebrity guest on the long-running game show The Hollywood Squares.FAMILY FEUD 1983 “Battle of the Television Hosts” week-long special; Tom’s family—named “The Heavenly Hosts”—also included Jim Lange, Peter Marshall, Leslie Uggams, and Bert Parks.Their opponents were “The Magnificent Emcees”: Bill Cullen, Bob Eubanks, Nipsey Russell, Betty White, and Jim Perry.

Elizabeth Montgomery starred with him in the TV show, Bewitched.

Then theater officials got a "cease and desist" e-mail this week from Matzoball Entertainment LLC, and canceled the show.

"I guess I'm the big bad wolf, but I don't mean to be," said Michael Airington, who since 2004 has been performing "Off Center: the Paul Lynde show." Under the Matzoball corporate banner, Airington licenses the rights to Lynde's name, image and story from Lynde's estate.

Since I was a child I loved the work of Paul Lynde.

Through the years the only information I ever had was just innuendo and rumor.

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