Pang and tong dating

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His ability to self learn without exploring outside his domain earned him the name sleeping dragon. He was not very good with the political aspect of a kingdom as do Zhuge Liang but his talent as a military strategist was unequal.

Thus earning him the name Fledgling Phoenix for showing great talent at a young age.

Even without his Oni, Date can still maneuver himself quickly with his great reflex and body movement. Despite being a weapon, Kurikara has a will of its own, allowing only Date and Kojuro to posses him.

Kurikara is a powerful sword but requires a huge amount of human spirit.

Masamune has a bang of white spiky hair on the front and black wavy hair towards the back.

Date first appear in Chapter 4 where Hidetsugu, Hana, and Chikahito were being attacked by Akechi Mitsuhide.In order to channel itself with enough power, Kurikara is held within Kojuro's body. Garyou Housuu is translated as the Sleeping Dragon (Garyou) and the Fledgling Phoenix (Housuu).Thus, Kojuro's body serve as the scabbard of Kurikara. These two entity is a reference to the great Kong Ming (Zhuge Liang) and Pang Tong from the Three Kingdoms Era of China.He suffered a numbers of defeat due to his rash decision and poor judgement.This was later fixed by Kukuro who became Date's adviser and strategist.

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