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Many men claim to be ready for something serious, while their dating behavior indicates otherwise.

Many women realize panicking is pointless while others panic into a desperation which frightens “the living date-lights” out of their male potential counterparts.

Or maybe when they’re on “the wrong side of 25″ without their M. The answer: it was a gag button, so nothing happened.

My parents’ old car (a Ford LTD sedan, as I recall) had a red button affixed near the dashboard, marked “Panic Button.” As soon as I learned what “panic” was, I asked the question: What happened if you pushed it?

“The Panic Years do affect men, but it’s calibrated differently for them …

around 36, or when the last bottle of Propecia is recalled, and then they have no choice but to settle down,” she jokes.

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So Judaism has the makings of the mantra ‘Born to panic!

’ It’s as much the fault of the dating landscape here as it is women’s self-imposed pressure/imperative to marry.” But panic should be a two-way street: who’s putting the “man” in such a “mantra”?

“I can’t ignore the reality: millions of women are panicking into their pillows at night about it ‘not happening for them,’ and many comprise the sub-25 set,” Lewak says when challenged.

“If someone is hardwired to panic, she’ll panic at 22 or 25 or 35,” she explains.

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