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Poulet has not publicly announced the news, but she discussed wedding dresses on last week (ends18Oct15), writing, "Wrote an email to wedding dress woman thanking her for showing me frocks but saying 'sadly I can't afford it this time round.'" She has been dating Dobiesz since 2012.

Poulet and Cumberbatch met while studying at Manchester University, England and went on to live together in Hampstead, North London.

And we’ve all fallen into the traps of not knowing the current terminology relating to someone black or mixed-race.” She imagines audience members coming out wondering “which one is me? A bit like a stringent, savage episode of Sex and the City, then, albeit one which is more representative of the ethnic mix of cities, and particularly of a melting pot such as Finsbury Park.

Poulet herself was born in largely pigmentally homogenous Putney and now lives in what she describes with deliberate vagueness as “south-east London — Vauxhall, Balham”.

A recognisable TV face and an accomplished voiceover artist, she has also carved out an increasingly heavyweight stage career with recent appearances in Fred’s Diner at Chichester, The Captain of Köpenick at the National and Caryl Churchill’s all-female Top Girls in the West End.

Coincidentally, her last stage role before Adult Supervision was in another female four-hander, Pam Gems’s Dusa, Fish, Stas and Vi at the Finborough. She and actress Sarah Solemani “took control of our own careers” and created a show called The Bird Flu Diaries, which was a hit in Edinburgh in 2005, though the follow-up, The Queef (you’ll have to Google it) of Terence didn’t do as well: “It was about two women who had studied TV presenting and restoration costume and wanted to merge their skills into a daytime TV show.

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“I’ve met people like that, who have tried to make themselves more interesting: not just the boring, white, middle-class girl.“Unpleasant, brash, loud, drunk, racist — yeah,” says actress Olivia Poulet of the four females in Sarah Rutherford’s Adult Supervision, a new play at the Park Theatre in Finsbury Park, directed by artistic director Jez Bond.The conceit is that a white lawyer who has adopted two Kenyan babies invites some other mothers of non-white children to her north London home to watch Barack Obama contest the 2008 US election, in a bid to make her family life a bit more “beige”.This leads to a hilarious unspooling of old prejudices and new PC absurdities as the four women struggle to navigate the racial minefield.Poulet, 35, who has played Camilla Parker Bowles and Carole Thatcher as well as clenched spin doctor Emma Messinger in The Thick of It, thought she was auditioning for the part of “brittle, uptight” hostess Natasha but is instead brilliantly cast against type as her gauche, clumsy friend Izzy, whose children are “so white they’re almost transparent”.

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