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There is a 13 hour time-zone difference between China and Texas, but I get messages from ladies (supposedly in China) at 1 A. By checking on "Whois", the Romancetale url has only been registered for 10 months. This is another indication that Romancetale does not have deep roots. But look very carefully about some details: hundreds of pictures are taken in the same place, even if we are talking about HCMC or Guangzhou.I checked on a "dating review" website which gave high grades to Romancetales, but that website promoting Romancetale registered in August of this year.....probably a phony website created or paid to give positive review. I am pretty sure they hire people to flirt you and coin you to spend time and money on their site. For example, there is a glass bar decorated with horizontal wave lines ( hundreds of picts with, of course, different Girls each), etc etc etc, some pictures are the same for different Girls (they choose wrong the images). But the real prouve that all of this is the Biggest Scam dating site Ever it is the following: I was in HCMC after I was joining this site, and..I was asking all of the Girls over there to meet me direct, actually this could be easy, they cannot blocking an adress or a street or anything like that, right?!I did not even use the 20 "free credits" they provided when I joined! There's a sucker born every minute and this dating site has spawned and scammed thousands. Really, I realised how easily some smart guys (pirats or scammers or whatever U are calling them) are making a lot of money, Big money over our shoulders.Just watch out for this site they informed me u cannot exchange personal info emails phone etc they throw a 2005 ligislation at you from the USA well I went thru that legal crap I never ever seen anything in that ruling that's states you cannot exchange personal details there is rules regarding applying for visas etc getting married all that stuff the site just wants you to spend money basicly scamming you out of your money Run from this site!! Do not be naive, sooner or later U will discover the reality like me! I was very dissapointed about, but of course as a persuasive matter, if I get again into the site, I have the feeling that Yes, those Princess Girls are real, I have no doubt maybe are, I do not know, but somebody is playing dirty to get your money whithout give anything back.), but it seems that unsolicited "messages" from Romancetale ladies are computer generated and only of ladies with "glamour shots".I think that Romancetales gets ladies to model for pictures and then creates and services their profiles.

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It seemed strange though theres were so many beautiful Asian woman with large breasts and almost nill on the small size (and I looked because I like small). All pictures have been professionally done some wearing same clothes and shoes. I received 111 messages, so far, but none of them greeted me using my name! " ..."look at me, What would you like to do right now?The most beautiful women I have ever seen and they only want you to love them for ever.Age doesn't matter, Your income doesn't matter.You could be talking to some guy pretending to be a woman. Those who give 5 star ratings, did you guys met them in person?About 8.5yrs ago i began an online rekationship with an adorable chinese gal 45yrs old.i was 6061 i went to china on a student visa to study kungfu.after 3months at school i got permission to go see this lady.i spent almost 26hrs on a hard wooden seat slow train to i was toughened up from was a tough met me at the did not look anything like the adorable pics i saw of her but it was soon as we got to hotel room she was naked and ready to go for it.i was taken aback somewhat and even further aback when i saw that big tattoo of lips from the rolling stones album with the tongue out.3days later i got a huge hotel bill and had enough of this woman who was not sweet and adorable but found everything i did put a frown on her face.i returned to my school unhappy. THEY AIRBRUSH THESE CHINESE DOLLS TO THE MAX.needless to say i moved forward.a nice young chinese man tgat befriended me asked if i still wanted to meet a nice traditional chinese a long story short i am married almost 5yrs to a great chinese gal.13 yrs my junior.i am 69gotta go to china.i stayed there 2yrs studying kungfu gettin to know my gal.i had to get 4operations when i got back from all the damage to my body from 2yrs of kungfu in was worth every stitch.these girls are awesome but boys it aint what it is in the real gotta know ur to the mainland is not need letters of invitation.contact me at [email protected] you want advice about goin to china Sorry boys, the facts.. I like the fact that Romancetale doesn't promise people to find wives or husbands like some other services.

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