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But, although Foxman and friends decrying the cold-blooded murder of Palestinian children in Gaza. With the growing awareness of the preponderance of Jewish power in America strikingly disproportionate to their 1.8% of the US population, American Jewry fears that soon the “Goyim” will “catch on” to their overweening influence and be of their guns is not dissimilar to forcing air travelers to remove their shoes in TSA lines.Under the guise of “protecting” Americans, what really occurs during the TSA screening process is the of male travelers via the shedding of shoes, stripping of belts (with which guns are associated), the forced ’surrender’ in Chertoff’s Porno Scanners, and the mandatory penis and buttocks grabbing by a male assist.Names like Feinstein, Blumenthal, Dershowitz, Foxman, Lieberman, Chertoff, Schumer, Boxer, Bloomberg, and countless Jewish organizations, are pushing to deprive the Goyim of their guns.Jewish organizations such as Abe Foxman’s Anti-Defamation League joined the anti-gun bandwagon expressing “shock, disbelief, and horror” over the alleged murders of innocent children.( By the 4th century, Vulcan was tearing itself apart.The Vulcans' rampant emotions, combined with a hostile warrior culture, led to many wars using terrible weapons like atomic bombs and the Stone of Gol.According to Spock, "That would tend to explain certain elements of Vulcan prehistory." (") In 2369, evidence was discovered which suggested that many of the galaxy's humanoid races were descended from a single humanoid race, the originators of the basic anatomy.Around 4.5 billion years ago, they seeded many worlds with a DNA code to guide evolution to a form resembling their own.

His teachings quickly spread and were recorded in the Kir'Shara, finally showing Vulcan a path towards peace.( Around 2700 BC, Vulcans were barbaric, war-like and "nearly killing themselves off with their own passions." According to Spock, "Vulcan, like Earth, had its aggressive, colonizing period; savage, even by Earth standards." (") Some Vulcans began to mentally train themselves to suppress their emotions by the middle of the 3rd millennium BC, though they continued following a polytheistic religion with rompish celebrations and many deities, including gods of war, death, and peace.Although many religious holidays of this time, like Rumarie, ceased to be observed over the following centuries, some rituals were preserved, e.g., the Vulcan wedding ceremony.We shall regulate all the actions of our subjects by new laws.“These laws will withdraw one by one all of the indulgences and liberties which have been permitted by the Goyim.”.

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