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One: They are convinced that Asian women would rather go out with white men.

While singles in North America tend to focus on nightclubs, bars and dating sites to meet that special someone, Argentines see opportunity everywhere — bus stops, markets, you name it. This ability to “stop and smell the roses” translates to their personal life.

You’ve lost all memory prior to this moment, from people’s names to entire relationships.

You don’t know who to trust, but a fairy boy (who apparently only you can see) keeps following you around, and your flamboyantly-dressed and gorgeous boyfriend (if he even your boyfriend at all) is starting to get suspicious.

Ronald Lee, founder of a relationship service for Asian men in Metro Vancouver, believes Chinese, Japanese, Korean and other men with East Asian roots who make these complaints are looking for excuses to avoid facing their social awkwardness.“I think men who say those things are bitter,” says Lee, 33, who on Wednesday night organized the founding meeting of the Asian Men’s Social Empowerment group, designed to help Asian men support each other in building relationships with women.

(2015) Victoria and Kelowna real surprises for mixed unions (2014) RELATED: SURPRISING STUDY: Ethnicities that whites and Asians like to date In his research, Columbia University economist Ray Fisman did not find any evidence that white men prefer to date East Asian women.

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