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#FISHbone, Notting Hill This new “fast-fish” pop-up attached to Kensington Place restaurant offers a pleasingly short menu of unconventional options including a yellowfin tuna burger, fried skate wings, spring onion rings and eccentric cocktails.

Lobster Roll Deli, Mayfair Remember Burger & Lobster, the restaurant that opened with a queue outside and hasn’t had a quiet day since?

A regular cod and chips is £5.50, chips and gravy is £3 and the full house breakfast is £6.95 including a drink."Whenever an ingredient becomes fashionable out of the home we see customer demand increase, but there is more to it than fashion," says fish buyer Chloe Soppet."There's been a general increase of interest in smoked foods, so sales of smoked haddock and smoked cheese are also up.All this may surprise those who feel kippers are declassé and too pungent and bony to be given fridge space, but part of the new wave of popularity could be that today's version are not always what they seem.While M&S stands by its traditional smoked herrings, Sainsburys – while glorifying that item in their Taste the Difference range – have simultaneously instituted a fishy revolution by kippering sardines. Although we've seen growth in kippers in general, we've found that substituting sardines has introduced them to a whole new generation," says Darryl Burchell, who oversees Sainsburys fresh food counters.

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