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What is less understood is that some food choices can specifically trigger increased sensitivity to related airborne pollen allergens.There are foods that are actually related to some of the problem pollen plants.Do your seasonal allergies feel worse than ever since you've been struggling with candida?

In addition, our elimination suffers and it is not uncommon for constipation to result.

2 Attention to Food Therapy ~ to emphasize healthy, alkalizing and nutrient rich foods while minimizing foods and drinks (and medication) that amplify allergic propensity or sensitivity to specific pollens via cross-over reactions.

3 Detoxify for immune optimization ~ to reduce the overall toxic load and resulting immune suppression to enable a healthful reaction to allergens.

With an understanding of allergies and candida, a gentle candida reduction program combined with a careful process of self observation, food therapy, anti allergy supplements and homeopathy we can gain control over these symptoms and enjoy health indoors and out, even during allergy season.

As most of us know, what we eat can impact our recovery from the candida overgrowth.

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